Top 10 Toilet Brands: What’s Popular, and Why?

The toilet is a fixture in most homes, and it should be a comfortable one. Toilets are an important part of our daily lives because they can signify hygiene, and also give us some much needed privacy. The toilet industry has grown to the point where there are hundreds of brands to choose from. This blog post will explore 10 popular toilet brands, what makes them different from each other, and why you might consider purchasing them for your home.

1. Kohler®

It doesn’t matter if you’re a King or Queen, Kohler has the throne for your kingdom. They offer sleek and stylish designs with their “smart” toilet seats which sense when someone is approaching to help keep water from splashing onto bathroom floors while still being able to use all of its features like flushing away waste and cleaning itself after every flush.

2. American Standard

The American Standard toilet is a very reliable brand that has been around for decades. The company focuses on making toilets with quality and performance in mind, all while keeping their prices affordable to the average consumer which makes it a great choice!

3. Toto®

Toto® is a toilet manufacturer and are high-quality equipment. They produce toilets without seats, which saves space in small bathrooms or on boats that use the deck as living quarters where there’s no room for one of those bulky contraptions to go alongside the other bathroom necessities like shampoo bottles, towels, toothbrushes and razors.

4. Duravit

Duravit toilets are named after the now-defunct German company, Duran Vit. They have been providing high quality toilet bowls to countries and cities across Europe for decades. The business was founded in 1912 by two brothers who had worked with plumbing supplies before this venture into bathroom fixtures took off. Their revolutionary design of a single piece ceramic bowl that didn’t require any bolts or other hardware has since changed how we look at modern day commodes forever!

As you can see from our extensive catalog, there is something here for everyone including:  steel framed models (which come with their own set of interesting options) as well as more traditional styles like one piece seats mounted on top – all available in your desired size

5. Sterling

The Sterling Toilet Company is the leading provider of toilets for commercial and residential needs. They offer a wide range of quality products, including: stylish porcelain fixtures with long-lasting finishes; durable plastic sinks that are great in tight spaces or where water conservation is key; and many more options to fit any budget or style preference. You can find these items at your nearest hardware store today!

6. Jacuzzi®

A Jacuzzi® toilet is a luxurious fixture for the bathroom. It’s made out of solid acrylic and comes in many colors to match your home decor, including glacier white or dark forest green.

A Jacuzzi® can be used with either an electric pump (which requires 220 volts) or a gravity-assisted system that uses water pressure from the existing plumbing supply line inside your house as its power source.

7. Saniflo

Saniflo is the toilet brand for people who like cleanliness and safety. They are known to have a variety of different styles, sizes, and brands that anyone would be able to find something they liked in their catalog.

Saniflo is your one stop shop when it comes time to purchase toilets!

8. Gerber

Choosing the right toilet brand can be a difficult task. Gerber toilets are sleek and efficient, designed with your comfort in mind. They’re also built to last for decades if properly maintained!

9. Eago

Eago is a company that has been making toilets for over 100 years. The Eago brand of toilet includes their high-efficiency 1 gpf models, which use about one gallon per flush and produce just 0.6 gallons of wastewater to be disposed in the household septic system or at an approved sewer treatment facility; as well as 2gpf low flow units with washdown bowls, 3gpfs dual flush seats with integral water closet tank systems and matching pedestals – all designed for comfort through hands free operation while decreasing overall operating costs significantly when compared to standard toilets on the market today!

10. Niagara Conservation

The Niagara Conservation, which was created by Tim Shaughnessy in 1990 and is manufactured on the east coast of America, has a one-piece design with an elongated bowl. The company’s logo represents their commitment to conservation as well as quality service for customers everywhere.

The Niagara Conservation toilet brand provides families across North America with durable toilets designed specifically for efficiency and comfort while conserving water without sacrificing function! It works great both indoors or outside at any time throughout the year.

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